Thursday, May 05, 2005

One of most popular aggregator today is Bloglines. Bloglines is web based, you don’t need to download any software to your computer. Just create an account on their website and subscribe to your favourite blogs. You can then follow your blogs from a Mac at home, a Windows PC at office or a PDA at some airport.

betterdays � Blog Archive � Using Bloglines (or How to keep up with dozens of blogs everyday) tutorial will show you how to sign up and subscribe to blogs with Bloglines. It also shows you some other interesting things you can do with Bloglines.

The URL is


Blogger Debs said...

This is really useful stuff to us blogging newbies!

Thank you


4:34 AM  
Blogger Nicole Sprainger said...

Hi I'm a blogging newbie too!

Can I ask a question please?

How do you have comments appear on the blog page ---is it a setting I've missed?

On my blog they are collapsed



10:03 AM  
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Blogger sainspop said...

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