Friday, January 20, 2006

As alluded to in earlier postings I have been messing around with blogs and other associated technologies. I now have another blog, (3 in total related to teaching,

To make it easier to keep up with all of these I am now also using Suprglu as an aggregator.
Science and ICT archive is at

I have been messing around with blogs and wikis at school and have experimented with a free web-based wiki around the theme of minibeasts at .

I have also been conducting a science extension class over this term and those students have blogged their experiences at I was hoping that I might have involved some pre-service uni students in having some sort of oversighting of this blog to contribute stimulatory comments but we were a bit late in the year starting again and this hasn't happened, (however again next year???????)

Following a PD session on the use of SmartBoard interactive whiteboards at our school, I have added the presentation to the Simply Science site. The Teaching and Learning With A SMARTBoard subsite at
Simply_Science/SmartBoard_Online/Index.htm has movies of the board in action, (beware though the files at 55Mb need a good broadband connection. You will also find information on Getting Started, Using the Internet, Capturing and Creating IWB content as well as links to a range of other IWB related sites.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Thanks to a heads up from a colleague, I and my class have been messing around with pbwiki at Here you can make a free password protected wiki they say, "as easily as a peanut butter sandwich". Actually it is pretty easy and some of my grade 3/4's have taken to it like a duck to water. You can see their 2 day old handiwork at .
What's a wiki? It can be just about any sort of web based collaborative exercise you want it to be. We are sort of making a glossary based exploration of minibeasts in our wiki, check it out.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Have been a bit lax of late getting onto blogger, (this is mainly because I have been messing around with other things bloggy and beyond).

The Science at the Shopping Centre in Westfield Bay City Plaza was a real hoot. Westfield did a great publicity job.
The kids had a lot of fun too as this article from the local Geelong Advertiser shows.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Next week is National Science Week. We have been fortunate at school to have gained some funding to mount an expo at a local Westfield shopping centre. We have called it Shopping Centre Science and will involve some 24 student volunteers from grades 3-6 at my school Bellaire Primary School. I will post more details later.

Though it isn't really science, I have recently added some Flash based animated Maths Strategy Games to the Other section of the Simply Science Site. You can either play them online or download a Word doc version to play at your table.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I have been a little silent on this blog lately but nonetheless things have been happening. Two new additions have been made to Simply Science. Another Unit Of Work titled Journey To Space has been added to the Units Section. The direct URL is

A new section title
Blogs & Furls, about Blogs, Furls, RSS, podcasting and other issues has also been added. The direct URL is

Monday, May 23, 2005

I have recently started a new Blog. This one called Mr P's SMART Board and is detailing my experiences with our newly acquired SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard. It can be found at

Thursday, May 05, 2005

One of most popular aggregator today is Bloglines. Bloglines is web based, you don’t need to download any software to your computer. Just create an account on their website and subscribe to your favourite blogs. You can then follow your blogs from a Mac at home, a Windows PC at office or a PDA at some airport.

betterdays � Blog Archive � Using Bloglines (or How to keep up with dozens of blogs everyday) tutorial will show you how to sign up and subscribe to blogs with Bloglines. It also shows you some other interesting things you can do with Bloglines.

The URL is