Sunday, August 08, 2004

In the Tutorial section of Simply Science I have added a beginner's tutorial for making a simple website with FrontPage XP. It is 1Mb Word download however, (mainly because it is so graphic heavy :)

BIG NEWS Thanks to Seaghan in Ireland I have just discovered FURLing. A FURL is a place to store records of your fave links. You can annotate, rank and comment on links so that as the list grows you can search for topics, rated links or even the key terms. Pretty Cool I think and just what I have been looking for. From now on new links for Simply Science will be listed on the Simply Science FURL. They URL to view the Simply Science FURL is

Friday, August 06, 2004

Pfizer FunZone has a couple of nice articles on "real" scientists as well as a couple of tried and true experiments. It also has a neat timeline of the development of drugs. The really great feature is a Shockwave enabled "digital microscope" in the Discoveries section. The URL is