Friday, January 20, 2006

As alluded to in earlier postings I have been messing around with blogs and other associated technologies. I now have another blog, (3 in total related to teaching,

To make it easier to keep up with all of these I am now also using Suprglu as an aggregator.
Science and ICT archive is at

I have been messing around with blogs and wikis at school and have experimented with a free web-based wiki around the theme of minibeasts at .

I have also been conducting a science extension class over this term and those students have blogged their experiences at I was hoping that I might have involved some pre-service uni students in having some sort of oversighting of this blog to contribute stimulatory comments but we were a bit late in the year starting again and this hasn't happened, (however again next year???????)

Following a PD session on the use of SmartBoard interactive whiteboards at our school, I have added the presentation to the Simply Science site. The Teaching and Learning With A SMARTBoard subsite at
Simply_Science/SmartBoard_Online/Index.htm has movies of the board in action, (beware though the files at 55Mb need a good broadband connection. You will also find information on Getting Started, Using the Internet, Capturing and Creating IWB content as well as links to a range of other IWB related sites.